Analysis: Equatorians and the Federation of South Sudan

Greater Equatoria lays in the southern part of the Country and made up of many different small ethnicities divided in to three states of Western, Central and Eastern Equatoria under the leadership of Bangasi Joseph Bakasoro in the west, Clement Wani Konga and Louis Lobong Lojore in central and Eastern Equatoria states respectively. The three main cities of that region are Torit, Juba and Yambio with other important towns like Yei, Maridi, Kapoata and Nimule. The region is currently represented in the Central government by James Wani Igga as the Vice President of the Country with other Equatorian sons and daughters holding ministerial position in the government of Salva Kirr Mayardit.

Position of Equatorians in the current conflict and its dangers

Often, Equatorians goes after democracy, federalization and good governance which they never achieve throughout their life in the history of South Sudan. However, hearing anyone calling for democracy and federalism is in their utmost interest and they would, in one way or another, go for it. In the other hand; it seems not only difficult, but also undoable for them to rise up on the streets and in the bushes to bring down the government of Salva Kirr, which has humiliated them for quite so long. In spite the military strength of Riek Machar and Lado Gore, Equatorians are still thinking that, going to bushes to bring kirr’s government down mean life risking with no benefits. That is absolutely not true!

According to how I look at it, Equatorians are digging their owns grave for them to be disgracefully cleansed and maimed by Kirr Mayardit in Juba and other areas in Equatoria. That will be a great melancholia though it’s known before it happen. Equatorians are calling for democracy and federalism in fear and suspicious of falling into the grave that they are digging.

Honestly, how do you think you would succeed yet, you understand that the only language that works at the moment and understandable to Kirr is gun? How would you call for federalism which is in the opposite interest of Gen. Kirr, if at all you are allying with him? You are exactly doing the opposite inside and for that, I must patriotically urge you to rethink base on my prediction of what is going to happen.

Absolutely I am calling you to wake up and do what we (concerned peace lovers South Sudanese) expect you to do! I don’t see the reason why you should risk your life by making that suicide because; telling Kirr to accept federalism while sleeping in your houses is a suicide. Most of you have seen the Juba massacre and Nuer will absolutely do nothing to bring those lives back. It’s his (Kirr) leadership culture and you should understand that before attempting to make that unwanted suicide.

It’s worth mentioning that Kirr is on his last digit to quit counting his days in South Sudan presidency but, I would like to make it very clear that he would not leave with only and already done massacre of Nuer while there is a great opportunity for him to do more especially in Equatoria. Be very careful on that. He may decide anytime soon to cause tension in Juba as you are as well provoking him with federalism advocacy and he can do the worse massacre ever witness in the history while he is on run.

What are you waiting for? Who is going to fight for your objectives and rights? When are you going to realize that this is the right time? Who are you going to blame at the end of the day? And lastly, but not the least, how do you think even this federalism would work when there is no commitment and sacrifice in doing something as you seem to be doing now?

To borrow John M. Mitchell’s word “nearly every man who develops an idea works at it up to the point where it looks impossible and then gets discouraged. That’s not the place to become discouraged” The real hero is a man who fights even though he is scared. There is no food for a lazy man!

Way forward for Equatorians in the current conflict

First and foremost, I would like to bring it to the attention of some individuals, and not tribes or groups, who think that Equatorians are merely voiceless and harmless population where anyone should decide upon them insolently according to his/her wills. That is completely rubbish and immature thinking.

Equatorians are people of patience and endurance; they are people of peace, love and coexistence and more importantly, they are people of unity and determination. You may give them more than seven pinch before they give you the first warning of not to do it again. You may take their houses in their land, but still they can host you as a friend and brother. You may even tend to remove them from their ancestral land and still, they can call you not an enemy but a friend who may only needs dialogue. However, some tribes and groups of people have taken their behavior in contrary.

In fact, it is life risking coming up in Juba saying that I support federalism but Clement Wani Konga did it, Joseph Bangasi Bakasoro and Louis Lobong Lojere of western and eastern Equatoria states did it respectively. However, the question remains unanswered, and the way forward seems to have not yet been instructed by these governors in their comments on federalism.

Equatorians, men and women, are at the junction with their hands on the waists wondering who to follow and where to go: There is the then South Sudan of humiliation and unfairness, inequality and domination as the way we came from in one hand, and there is a way to peace, democracy and federalism followed by Riek Machar and the other brutal, bloody, Kirrorized and ethicized way under Gen Kirr in the other hand. It is up to their (Equatorians) leaders to define a very quick way for Equatorian and accept all the hardship that are possibly on the way they may take.

What is likely to happen?

“Depression is a prison where you are both the suffering prisoner and the cruel jailer” ~ Jacqeas Prevert

That is exactly what is going to happen in Equatoria. I am afraid Gen. Kirr will soon or later uses his decrees on these three governors and replace them with other outstanding sons and daughters within the Equatorians community, just to set brother against brother and family against family. Then, divide and rule: Then, assassination and depression, complete destabilization of Equatoria region just like Upper Nile region.

Is that what Equatorians are waiting for? Will it, in any case, change the land and the people of Equatoria to any tangible situation? Equatorians will only go back to camps in Uganda, DRC and Kenya for some more years. Equatoria land will only come under destruction given the fact that it’s currently taking the lead in development.

From there, after coming to realize that mistake is made, it will have already made some permanent scars which should have been prevented by now. It will need more efforts for resistance to come to effect because Equatorians will be divided after food and truth. I think this is the right time for Equatorians to come up and take the lead in achieving the South Sudan we struggled for since 1955 and not this South Sudan of hatred and communal domination and humiliation.

Therefore, the only window of opportunity is for Equatorians to act promptly; they should say enough is enough and force Salva Kirr to either accept peace and step down or face the brave young men of Equatoria led by the three governors. That is the “ONLY” way before the unwanted maiming operation is laid in Equatoria region. Take care!

Chuol C. Puoch, the writer, is reachable via email: or on twitter @chuolchot





Road to presidency: evolution of the rebolution is fantastically appreciated and welcomed.

Carrying Arboos those days in Maban County - Upper Nile State

Chuol C. Puoch is a South Sudanese upcoming political figure, believing in social justice, democratic political transformation, rule of law and can be reached via email:


Many folks will think contrary to my point of view; nevertheless, critical thinkers will maturely accept my words and look forward to welcome our incoming president Dr. Riek Machar Teny, CONGRATULATION!!


Kirr’s best are the worse, both to him and the country at large. I mean the close allies of Kirr Mayardit, including the foreign allies and the personals/groups. Some are addicted to propagandas which they have even extended to blind fool their BOSS instead of doing it only to the innocent South Sudanese. They have an agenda of destroying president Kirr, I think Kirr should make some internal observation and more importantly “investigation on the acts of his allies”


Your Excellency the president, those Upper Nile region sons and daughters will completely damage your image beyond repair and I hope it’s time to quit, which is the only option to save your dear life. Those people know what they are doing but you don’t know what they are doing. Their words are really paining and will continue damage you even to hell.


Dr. Riek Gai Kok (Akobo) Simon Kun Puoch (Nasir) James Kok Ruai (Fangak) Kuol Manyang Juuk (Bor South) Stephen Dhiu Dau (Melut) Dr. Barnaba Marial Benjamin (Uror) and the list goes on; those few greater Upper Nile sons are now traitors to the land of Upper Nile and fortunately, some of them are disowned by their communities. That mean, these people are rootless and toothless let me put it that way. Moreover, those people are parasite at the moment because they are disowned by their communities, for them, it is their end in South Sudan politics; good for them that they are getting old and their death is not far from now.


Army atrocities in Kirr’s army are a nightmare. After the recapturing of Malakal on the 18 March 2013 by the pro-Kirr forces, looting of Malakal have gone beyond explanation. Malakal is being taken to northern Upper Nile counties of Melut and Renk by the integrated youth who make up the two third of the army present in Malakal. Hundreds of cars, trucks & Lorries move hourly overloaded by looted properties from Malakal town which is really very unfortunate and should immediately be condemned and stopped. I don’t think Malakal will ever be as it was again this time round.


UPDF are not at all looking or acting for peace or stability, but they are accomplishing “bad deal”. Of course money deals. You pay them and they work for you as badly as you want them to do. Uganda is the poorest East African Country, luckily enough; they are neighbor to a Country where money is utilized easily and hugely in every way without even technical knowhow. Furthermore, this military engagement will surely spoil their potential utilization of South Sudan. Change is coming soon in South Sudan. The few outlined matters above paved Machar’s way to presidency.


Machar’s political aspiration for South Sudan has been and continues to be democracy. However, that aspiration was completely rejected by the SPLM/A’s previous headmasters including the current president Kirr. Machar joined the moment late but nevertheless, he was vocal, sharp and sound minded which led him to secure a high ranking position in the moment. Few years later, he had to quit the moment because there was no room for his political aspiration which is democracy and struggle to achieve an independent South Sudan. In his 1995 Khartoum Peace Agreement (KPA), it was signed that the people of the south will determine their destiny, weather to form their own Country or remain united with the Arab Sudanese and the rest of the Sudanese. That article in the agreement was the simple thing that Machar was struggling to achieve. Unfortunately, the peace deal was later dishonored by the Sudanese government which resulted into Machar quitting the government for the second time after he was given the position of VP in the national government. During the peace process earlier in 2001, western world was extremely concerned about the unity of Southern Sudanese so that they can together achieve their dream. Garang was convince that people of South Sudan needs to have their own country; as a result, Riek was also convince to join his brothers so long as his vision is incorporated and adapted toward signing the CPA (Comprehensive Peace Agreement), the two agreed and officially came together in 2002.


However, CPA was drafted from the previous KPA documents, luckily enough the dream came true on the 9 July 2011. Moreover, democratic state and liberation moment have a great different; unfortunately the leader of South Sudan was not aware about that. He believes to rule by power and not policies. It’s easy to change a democratic state into dictatorship but, it’s very difficult and expensive to do the opposite. That is the situation we are in now.


Would Machar been arrested, things would have turned upside-down in the nascent state more than they are currently. Releasing of the remaining four detained politicians will be the last thing Kirr’s government will do, honestly I am telling. The current ongoing development of the SPLM-IO is really outlined and praised. Political figures from different ethnicities and regions are joining the moment daily; military uprising have continuously been going on since the start of the December Juba massacre. However, in the start it was hugely one tribe rebelling against the government but, currently all the democratic advocators and supporters, regardless of their tribe or region are joining the moment and many more are on the way joining the moment. Therefore, the moment is drastically and overwhelmingly developing politically and militarily both internationally and nationally.


Without even a direct involvement of an external/regional ally, the moment is determined and confident to win and bring democracy to South Sudan. Machar and his group are fighting a just war on behalf of South Sudanese, and in that mater, it’s not merely a dream for Machar to take over the presidency of the Republic of South Sudan, but also a reward, both from God and the people of South Sudan. His road to lead the people of South Sudan through democracy in peace, unity, prosperity and stability is socially, politically and spiritually secured and accepted by the people of South Sudan.



Tell the truth and truth will set you free and indeed, in one way or the other, it can also set the others free. I want to be free and want the others be free. The world is working toward stability. People around the world, be they ordinary citizens or government civil servants, organized forces, private companies and the list goes on; looks for transformation rather than complete destruction, appreciation rather than blaming, investing more in the future rather than wasting the resources through corruption and carelessness. However, the system is opposite in South Sudan.

Many of my friends say they have regret being South Sudanese and that is because of many different reasons: constant instability, lack of good governance, poor improvement in the society, continues hunger and suffering, domination by the rest of the people/group and the list goes endless. I don’t feel to move outside the Country, however, I do really give them their exclusive right on that given the fact that the situation is really deteriorating from time to time.

Going back to socio-political dynamic of the Sudan when it was a one Country, some social lives aspect have been incorporated into state politics. For instant, an Arab man can call you for food and as soon as you left, you will remain the topic of their discussion saying a lot of nonsense on you. An Arab man can kill you right after finishing a meal with him. The reason is unknown otherwise it’s only an Arab origin especially in Sudan who can explain clearly what it’s all about base on their culture. Associating this with state politics is so risk in political life of the state and the worse part of it is that, South Sudanese have underwent that kind of life and South Sudan as a young and democratic state, some group, ethnic or tribe seem to have now fully engulf that culture into their political life. No! That is not the politics we want in South Sudan. Furthermore, according to the Islamic believe of our brothers in Sudan, a Christian leader cannot lead them in the Country, which was a domination protocol by the Arab north. Coming down to the new state of The Republic of South Sudan, some people believe to have been born to rule the rest and not to be rule or lead by the others. On my own analysis, I think some have adopted the hidden marginalization protocol of the Arab in the then Sudan.

One would wonder to why the government of the Republic of South Sudan is so tumultuous in the eyes of international communities. Well, lots of diplomatic analyses to this problem have been integrated with the realities of the matter and the truth comes out accordingly. Government in their version of the crises have given it a name since the start, “military coup against a democratically elected government by Riek Machar and his group” meanwhile, in the side of SPLM/A-in-opposition call the event as “an assassination act from the President to silence his inner political opponent”. Humanitarian actors call it crises of South Sudan, International community have given it a name which is “political struggle for power” within SPLM party.

As illustrated above, it’s not only difficult to find out the truth but also to fine a lasting solution to it. You may be interested to question me on that point but to be sincere; I have to disclose it to everybody in the fact that we already have the knowledge of the capacity and impartiality of South Sudan judiciary. We have understood so far the breakability of our supreme law of the land (constitution) by none other than the stake holders in the government with the president topping the list. It’s only through justice and nationalism which at all, has no present in South Sudan, that we can find a solution and come a compromising era among the warring parties.

This problem, if not properly and cordially deal with, will pain the most at the end more than the start. I have been saying this and will continue saying it unless otherwise things are back to track. Going to the life of civilians in UN compounds in Juba, those people were among the few in Nuer community who struggled to settle and live their lives in peace and solidarity with their friends and brothers from other communities of South Sudan who are living in Juba. In frankly speaking, those people as well as many other Nuer civilians didn’t went through that intensive disaster throughout their history, moreover, South Sudanese in general had never gone through a situation compared to the one our people are in currently.

What will be the effect of that disaster on them physically, emotionally, socially and economically? That is a great concern which needs public attention and government intervention. There is only a fraudulence move by the government to those people in convincing them to go back to their houses, as a result, they have gradually lost hope in the governmen4t. There is a very solid stigma in the minds of those people which, in one way or the other, will result in to variety of some unfortunate circumstance to the Country and the governance. We must care and forgive when things are controllable and not when they run out of hand.

The effect of the above mentioned have spoiled the Country at the moment, people are ethnically divided, the state infrastructure is partially destroyed, nationalism seem to have completely lost which has let to; lack of national cohesion, absence of state harmony, poor social togetherness, political and economic instability, judicial and security disorder and the list continue.

Then the question remains open for debates by South Sudanese and international diplomats, political nalysts, civil society groups and even the church leaders/elders; what can South Sudanese leaders do to quickly and transparently resolve these differences? The state is completely disordered, every group become hostile to the rest, everybody want to carry his/her own cross. The state governance is between failure and success; hostile propagandas from all the warring faction in South Sudan do really escalate the conflict in the state further. Almost 2.5 million people are in dire need of basic services; food, shelters, good drinking water and many more. Over 10’000 people have been killed since the violent broke out on the 15 Dec 2013 in South capital Juba.

With all those effect of the conflict, I think it’s time for South Sudanese especially the leaders to wake up and save the Country from falling apart. Leaders need to be leaders of the state not leaders of individuals and group. The first thing that they (leaders) can do is to reconcile, resolve their differences in a national democratic approach taking into consideration the suffering that our people have undergone.

Since the signing of the comprehensive peace agreement, the leaders have not been very active in reconciling the state which was devastated for decade by war and conflicts. They did not at all prioritize the delivery of basic services to the people instead; they have been using the public funds for their individuals needs. South Sudan is one of the most corrupt states in Africa and also in the world.

As mentioned above, leaders need to reconcile and sort out all their differences for the sake of the suffering of South Sudanese innocent civilians. After when the leaders reconcile, they will now be able to cohesively reconcile the nation and comprehensively move the nation forwards. However, looking at the intensity of the current crises in the Country; there should be a formed interim government to do the national dialogue, national reconciliation and bring peace and harmony back to the Country. The 2015 election should be postponed to 2016 to allow reconciliation and national dialogue take place.

The writer is a South Sudanese upcoming political figure, believing in social justice, democratic political transformation, rule of law and can be reached via email











Are we ready for telling truth, admitting our mistakes, be accounted for our mistakes and advocate for peace and stability, inclusiveness, democracy and form an interim government?

As the current crises has been escalating to some extend never expected by some of us, a lots of different reaction comes into our respective minds: Thinking to move out of the Country for safety, acquiring citizenship, etc. blames Riek Machar for the conflict, blame Nuer or Dinka for the conflict, blame the SPLM party for the conflict, take side with one of the oppositions, quit SPLM party. Some, if not all, mentioned above comes to our respective routines thinking and conversation. Moreover, many of us succeeded in their plans of doing one of the above mentioned or even all or something different.

Many political writers and analysts have so much contributed in writing so many articles out of which 80% of their articles end up blaming and finger pointing on groups and individuals, peace messengers in radios have so far contributed as well, fortunately they call only for peace in the Country though they never come up with mechanisms to achieve it and make it come true. Pastors and church leaders seem to also become victims of this conflict which I think have let them to shut up their mouths.

The government of South Sudan in spite of it diversity in political, geographical, social, gender and ethnic affiliations, they have all chosen to be hostile propagandists. They have chosen to win and defeating others rather than thinking of peace, stability of the Country which can only and will only be achieved through peaceful dialogues and reconciliations. What a situation!

To quote one of the writer on his article “This war, for many South Sudanese, if not all, does not come as a surprise, it has been a matter of when and how it was going to happen” YES! It has been a matter of how it is going to happen that was not understood by South Sudanese and probably when, but most of the people thought about 2015. Then the questions are; why is it true? What was the problem? Why didn’t we use the medical term “prevention is better than cure? The very important question is what will be the next? I am asking you individually as the reader of this article on how you think about these questions above.

To answer all these question in one straight forwards answer; we can concludes that, variety of issues have contributed to this: lack of good government, carelessness in leadership, corruption which have  caused inequalities, imposed dictatorial leadership system, tribalism in which we have all as South Sudanese contributed to, insecurity which be accounted on the weakness of our government, mismanagements of oils and funds from international communities, unpredictability,  violent excitements, overlooking, just to mention a few. Then the realities lay on us and the solution is upon us not from anywhere in the world. I have to ask these two questions; have we realized our mistakes and admitted them as we have seen their consequences? Are we ready for peace and reconciliation or some of us are not yet satisfy with the sucking of the blood of innocent civilians?

Only those who are carrying their tools in their zipped political bags can deny the conflict not being ethnic. This war is endless if not properly and cordially deals with. Yes, our problem be solving regionally and also internationally makes sense. However, it’s obvious that they can be escalated as well from bad to worse by the same people. Kirr think that bringing Uganda is protective mechanism to his leadership. This will shows us some nightmare soon or latter, I am telling you honestly.

If I have to point my finger on anybody, I should do so to first and foremost H.E Gen. Salva Kirr Mayardit Deng Kuethpiny. Many people, be they South Sudanese or outsiders, who really know Kirr can says that, he is characterized by braveness and patriotism, living in vision to lead though with no clear agendas and qualities of being a leader. Kirr is a dumb politician but he is a manager, Kirr is an advisor but can never be advised, Kirr likes politics but he does it in his spirit not in his image and styles. Kirr is a former military intelligence and it has becomes a part of his life even in politics and leadership, that is why he does assassination every now and then. Kirr is a tribal advocator who has fully incorporated the Dinka domination and marginalization agenda in his life in politics, military and personal life while some Dinka have come to the world of justice, equality and togetherness from the grass roots.

If you give some of your times to social media like Facebook, it’s so surprising, and people confront themselves more than the people in the front line. It’s only the fact that they do so with words, they would have burnt down the system. We have a long way to go to achieve a peaceful South Sudan with free and fair system of government and society. If you teach your child that you are born to fight, defiantly that child will socially inherit the words to his life and he will fight of course in the future. If we are teaching our children about past event, telling them that your so and so were killed by so and so, that would lead us to endless fighting within among ourselves. To be specific, Dinka teaches their children with words like we are the rullers of this Country, Nuer are our enemy, etcetera…………..

In conclusion, I would like to ask these question again; we know that justice, equality adherence are the only factors towards peace and stability, there can never be prevailed and practical democracy when there are some domination and marginalization agendas. We can never be together if we don’t correct our mistake and tend to cover them up. We must separate politics with ethnicity and regional background. We must now accept publicly that interim government is the only thing to safe the dear life of our citizen who are already victims of this chaos that we have made because most if not all of them have lost their loves ones and have witness some terrible and horrible thing that they will never forget in their lifetimes. Are we ready for national reconciliation and dialogues? Are we ready for telling truth, admitting our mistakes, be accounted for our mistakes and advocate for peace and stability, inclusiveness, democracy and form an interim goverment?

It’s up to us to say enough is enough or continues killing ourselves helplessly like that; we need to be nationalists before we are tribalists, we need to work before we can consume, we need to correct ourselves before doing it to others, I think we should be ambassadors of peace.

The writer is a South Sudanese upcoming political figure, believing in social justice, democratic political transformation, rule of law and can be reached via email


As a concerned citizen with humanity and  frustrated by the ongoing crises in the Country starting from the massacre of innocent civilians on the 15,16,17& 18 of Dec 2013 in Juba by Gen. Kirr, I would first and foremost resent my condolence to all their families irrespective of their ethnicities &  political affiliations in their respective places. My heart fall condolence to all the young ones who have lost their parents, condolence to all the families of SPLA soldiers in both sides who have lost their loves ones. My condolence goes to all the women in the Country who have lost their husbands innocently or in the front line. May the almighty God rest their souls in lasting peace! Amen.

Oh yes! Did you know that chameleon changes only its skin color? We must be very sincere, faithful, careful and more importantly accountable when it comes to something that does away with a human life. We feel more important than the others when holding public positions and some have gone as far as considering the killing of innocent life as a success and gains in their political mainstream. Being a hostile propagandist in politics can never help in winning a political game instead, it destroy one forever. Pro-Kirr should first of all be nationalists because they are the ones holding the government. Yes, there are pro-Machar as well as pro-Kirr, specifically at the movement but, don’t you think that there are also some people who refrain from siding with any of the two? Prove me right or go and fine out. These people look at both side with tears coming out from their eyes and they wrong who to be wrong as well as doing the opposite.

Government and Ant-government are the right names of the two, we have our president Gen. Kirr which I voted for him as you probably did, and we lean on them as the government not because we support Kirr as a person. He (Kirr) has disgracefully failed the nation, we must talk! “Gell Weng” or “Koc Beny” call them the way you want. I will call them Kirr’s militia, were brought to Juba in our very present, the present of Gen. James Hoth Mai as the Country’s Chief of general staffs, Riek Machar Teny as the VP, James Wani Igga as the Head of NLA, Pagan Amum as an active member of the rulling party “SG of SPLM” Gen. Pieng Deng Kuol as the Country’s ……………… what did they said? What are their roles and interventions in a situation like that? Simply put, they overlooked it! As a result Kirr’s militias carried out the historical Juba massacre of the innocent Nuer civilians starting on the 15 Dec 2013.

All the people mentioned above have recently intervened in different ways: Gen James Hoth Mai intervened by chasing away those whom their families were killed in Juba on the 16 and 17 of Dec 2013 and blindly continuous to urge the army to refrain from politics, a good mouth words which never been implemented and will never be implemented. Dr. Riek Machar Teny overwhelmingly accepted his removal as the Country’s second powerful man. As a result, after becoming to know about them (Kirr’s militia), he was bemusedly running for his dear life and resort to Gatdet’s rebellion in Jonglei, what a run! James Wani Igga, was given a share in the cake, what dare him opposing the militias. He contrarily intervened by mobilizing sons of Equatoria to part up with Kirr’s to probably carry out the second massacre after when the people will return home. Pieng Deng Kuol had to intervene by looking at his police-turned-criminals looting the houses of Nuer citizens in Juba. God safe my Country! It’s time to call the Almighty to heal this madness so as to safe the few remaining victims of meaningless atrocities of Gen. Salva Kirr Mayardit.

Today the same people mentioned above, with exclusion of Riek Machar have changed their skin colors; good enough that we have recognize them! They have becomes protectors from being looters, peace stabilizers from being murderers, governmental authority from being assassination organization, peace ambassadors from being war exciters, this is very ugly!


The government of South Sudan is so confusing, for the sake of God, how can you kill my brother, mother and sister and call me a friend? What kind of friendship is that? We have to be logical in making decisions, especially sensitive decisions like this. Before calling anyone out of the UN compound, they needs to know first and foremost, who killed their families? Why killed them? Is the justice done? However before all these, do not blind fool the people. You cannot call even a dog so as to kill them. It’s the same polices personals who looted theirs houses, it’s the same police whom they were being killed in their present, the same Kirr’s militia who carried out the massacre in Juba who are now calling for people to go back homes saying that they have guaranteed their safety. Why not before? Is there a time for a police to protect and not? We are becoming crazy if we are not crazy.

For a voluntary return to come to effect; there are some preliminary activities which needs to be puts in place. Therefore, we cannot and will never see any return of a person voluntarily back to their house, otherwise unless you force them out of these camps if possible:

  • Nationalizing the government: if you look maturely at the government, it’s with no dot personalized. We have to nationalize our issues & agendas, we need to nationalize our organized force and they should never be any existence of a personal force/army. We need to put the national interest first before our personal one. With this, the people will feel that the government is theirs and not a somebody’s group of armed personalities.
  • Accountability and addressing the root causes of the crises: People, be they in a groups or individuals, who were involved in the crises in one way or the other, have to be held accountable irrespective of their political or military status. We need to first of all know not only the root cause of the outbreak of the violent but also the reason of killing innocent civilians and these should be publicly explain by none other than the president with impartiality. Instead of the government to empty the government bank account to undisciplined forces, we should think of humanitarians assistant and latter compensations.
  • Public apology and resignation of the president: The citizen needs their president to publicly apologize to them and resign to leave the office of presidency. This will be a sign of peace and stability, while in the other hand; it will be a true sign of democracy. After his resignation, they will compete in their party and he can however; become our president again base on the free wills of the citizen in the Country and the members of his party.
  • Interim government should be established: This will help create a conducive environment for social, political, military and economics transformations/reformation.  There will also be a room for national reconciliations and political dialogue among us which is desperately needed by our citizens. It’s only through reconciliation that can bring us together again, especially the grassroots reconciliation.
  • Releasing all the political prisoners and set them free: This will help stabilize the country as these people will convince their societies. They will also help in national dialogue and political reformation. They should immediately be release so that they participate in the ongoing talk in Ethiopia.


Once the interim government is put in place, the hierarchy of it should be look at carefully to avoid the involvement of individuals who might spoil the system in one way or the other. I suggest few mechanisms below though lots more needs to be put in place to strengthen the system:

  • The interim president should be spiritually motivated and mentally activated. On my own suggestion, I do dreams of father Paride Taban. He can successfully and voluntarily lead our Country for a given time and we can surely see harmony coming back to our societies.
  • In all the three government structures (Executive, Judiciary and Legislature), there should be a council board of people who are of diverse background, ethnicities, region and gender. However, 40% of them must be lawyers, 40% must be men of God and the remaining 20% must be regionally and international shared by peace makers, like representatives from IGAD, AU and UN. In addition, there should be specials advisors from Countries like USA and UK.
  • Nationalizing the army as said above: great transformation is needed in our national army and the other organized forces. SPLA name be changed because we are no longer in liberation of Sudan. Join Integration force comprising of the both side who are currently involved in the fighting should be established with supervision of UN just like the JIU which was put in place during the CPA era.
  • Election should be done separately. The presidential election and the general election must be done differently but consecutively. After the new president take over the office, a time for general election should be determine thereafter. And between those periods the new president should still work with the interim government until when the general election is done.

In conclusion and in regard to the government’s call for voluntary return of the civilians back to their houses in UN camps and especially in Juba. I don’t think it’s an urgent thing that we should be rushing and shouting about, good enough that you call it “voluntary returns”. They will go back on their wills one step at a time and more importantly, after seeing the security and their safety from the government not the government telling them to go back. Moreover, UNMISS and all their partners are taking care of them. We know that their houses are destroyed, properties looted and their food stocks are taken as well. Where and how do you think they will survive? If you have any kind of assistant to them when they go back to their house, give it to them now, providing them with their needs base on your capacity in UN camps would be a very courageous factor for them to voluntarily go back to their houses. Here I end my word with impartiality!

The writer is a South Sudanese upcoming political figure, believing in social justice, democratic political transformation, rule of law and can be reached via email


Since the start of the SPLM rebellion in 1983 in the then Southern Sudan, the SPLM/A oyee slogan started to be the Southern Sudanese term in politics, military, community gathering and so in town that were under the SPLA control. Most of our citizen plotting to date doesn’t separate SPLM as a political party & SPLA as Country army. I would not talk about the name of SPLA changing because it’s a military issue which I don’t deserve to voice out about because I’m a civilian; will it be politically motivated, I would ask you to go and ask the leaders of SPLM and the general of SPLA if possible.

SPLM/A though divided several times has been considered as the successful revolution which had let to the birth of The Republic of South Sudan as a sovereign state. It was very correct moral slogan which brought Southern Sudanese to have different terminology that determine them as people different from Arab Sudanese people. Moreover, the vision of having our own democratic state is already achieved and we are in another vision of development, democratizing the country and many other; therefore, in my personal point of view, the SPLM OYEE slogan was very appropriate and a uniting factor toward our vision. We all knows that SPLM vision was the NEW SUDAN establishment which according to SPLM would have been to democratically unite Sudan without marginalization or discrimination regardless of personal ethnic group, color, religion, region or language.

To my point of understanding, SPLM has not been working on a clear vision rather than relying on the motions of the Southern Sudanese. They made an unsuccessful step which showed their awareness on the succession of the South. During the then Sudan general election, they made Yasir Said Ahrman to be the presidential candidate of the SPLM party, a move which was strategically and unsuccessfully schemed to rule the two Sudan (The expected South Sudan and Sudan) by SPLM.

SPLM politicians should now realize that they are no longer rebels but politician of a democratic Country. They are the ones eligible of positioning themselves as a political party and not revolution political wing for the sake of achieving democracy in South Sudan. Liberation movement has already come to an end as of July 9 2011. The name of the party would have been changed, name of the army would have been changed as well and separate the flag of the party from the Country flag.
Every citizen knows that things are not going the way we expect them to happen or be done; this indeed is a public outcry that the SPLM party is not pursuing the democracy and that is the reason why we should rightly say; the weakness and dictatorial management of SPLM party is the root cause of the current instability of our Country.

In my personal point of view, SPLM politicians despite their ages and luxurious that they have gone into with the South Sudanese services that they have distributed to theirs pockets for the maintenances of their families abroad, they still have revolution traumas on their heads in addition to what I should personally call “hidden marginalization protocol” against this beloved Country.

Here are the key outlined facts to prove the hidden political marginalization protocol of SPLM:

I. In all the meeting that supposes to be inclusive to all South Sudanese citizen irrespective of their political parties, political affiliation and believes with their government and not the party of SPLM, they are always open and close with SPLM OYEE!!! This has caused a great confusion especially to the citizen who does not easily separate what is the party and what the government. This has led to consideration of SPLM as the government of South Sudan by citizen not knowing that SPLM is just a ruling party

II. A very confusing and complicated agenda is the flag which is both shared by South Sudan as a Country and SPLM as a party. This is a parliamentary issue which has been put on hold by MPs and the SPLM members due to the fact that SPLM’s marginalization protocol would come to effect, this itself would severely confuse the citizen and obviously prove the marginalization of SPLM both on the other parties and the people of South Sudan

III. The constitution of the Republic of South Sudan was drafted by specialized committee of the SPLM party; It would have been drafted in the parliament with consultation of the people. H.E the president selected his specialized committee and drafted the Country Constitution; a system which they adapt from nowhere.

IV. 95% members of parliament in the South Sudan legislative assembly are from SPLM party. The figure is beyond 95%.

V. 98% of the South Sudan National ministers are SPLM members loyal to Mr. President and at the same time supporters of hidden marginalization protocol.

NB: the above mentioned point do not comprehend all the challenges that the SPLM has caused to this Country because of their hidden marginalization protocol, they are only the basic and the most affecting point to this beloved Country by rebel minded politicians of the SPLM party since up to date

If someone may ask, where is the vision of taking town to villages? I don’t know what would be the respond from the SPLM party. As I see it, they have reversed the meaning of the vision by taking villages to towns. I have to prove this simply by saying they have been consuming the services which are for villages in Juba and they have even gone beyond consuming them in Juba by going abroad for luxurious; They have been collecting their relative from the village to abroad for education, services, medication and so on. To be frank, they have no valid vision to this Country apart from drinking tea in their offices and wait for weekend. Am sure they are willing to increase the weekend days for probably three days if the international labor laws would allow them given the fact that they have enough resources for weekend enjoyment.
We have a long way to go towards achieving a democratic South Sudan

The writer is a South Sudanese upcoming political figure, believing in social justice, democratic political transformation, rule of law and can be reached via email


South Sudan is a fragile country with lots of diversities and front to both internal and external wars and conflicts. The Country got it independent in 2011 after a peacefully conducted and internationally supervised and supported referendum.

I would first of all like to explain my point of writing this article because; the tittle would lead you to different understanding in one way or the other. It is possible to make it clear to our people that “a nation is not a tribe but tribes are a nation”. There is a traditional ideology in the mind of both NUER and DINKA. They both need domination of each other and leadership greediness, am not joking at all. Dinka as tribe and not the only leader from them, need to rule South Sudan forever if possible, in the other hand, Nuer seem to have been dominated by Dinka and they need to change the regime. I’m writing as a South Sudanese citizen, am not siding with none of the two or rather supporting that ideology.

What we should be looking into:

In the political context of our Country, it’s clear that we still believe in old idea of imposing mechanical power as a mean of defeat in politics. Nevertheless, many people in the Country including the writer of this article have a hope that, things will gradually be changing month after the other, year after the other and so on. There are many things that we should have been doing and we must be doing as way of eradicating these old ideologies except if we intentionally destabilize our very own beloved country. “Lions are many in the forest but only the superiors have chances to roaring”. That is exactly the scenario of South Sudan especially in the current time we have begun. It’s only through superiority that you will be accepted and have chance to be fully engaged and succeeded in the political dimensions and advantages of our Country. The minority tribe (small tribes) has kept silent keeping their eyes on the two major tribes of Nuer and Dinka. In my point of view, these other tribes are not simply remaining hopeless, but restricted emotionally and politically to exhibit their views in the Country’s political ground. They (other tribes) are affected by the ideology of domination as the politics of now is dominated by tribal power. Therefore, there is a need for a stimulating environment to democratically demonstrate their/our political propagandas. The below is the summary of things that we should be looking into instead of Dinkacontinuation or Nuereplacementization:

        I.            Prioritize the democratic transformation without malpractices, Nepotism and tribalism: this will lead us to achieve the vision of Democratic independence South Sudan which we are in at the moment. Through doing that, we will fully achieve the decentralization of government that we needs, because in democracy, decentralizing the government is a must. I know as many of you do as well that, it’s not easy to transform a society which have undergone through intensive revolutionary stages, poverty, continues insecurity and to make the matter worse, the people’s expectation of having and democratic independent country governed by the wills of it people has contrarily turned to unexpected jeopardizing dictatorship era, GOD SAFE SOUTH SUDAN. Moreover, people are still ambitious to achieve a comprehensive and practical democracy no matter how far we have gone badly and to what extend the affection of the above mentioned are on us physically as a person and in the Country as a land and the government.

      II.            Inclusive participation and community mobilization and voluntary community based activities and governmental business: This will help educate the communities to understand the government and it business. Things like civic education, political and social rallies, transparent, inclusive and quick drafting of the permanent constitution of the country. We have great supporters in doing these kind of activities especially the government of Japan which has just contributed US $300,000 to facilitate the movement of the constitution drafting committee, their accommodation, allowance, rallies cost etc. and many other big supporters are doing the same. Therefore, it should be the top priority of the government to do it on time

    III.            Abyei is a part of The Republic of South Sudan: I’m not interested to point out some figures who have tried to put the lazy hand and fearing face on Abyei. I would only like to stress that we are all consider to have weakness on solving the issue of Abyei. Our country’s governing body has failed in the first place to be involved in the referendum exercise of Abyei, they are silent to even recognize the result of Abyei referndum. “South Sudan has put a very lazy hand and fearing face on Abyei” but why? The answer would be a bit irritating once it’s told but, to put it easy, our country’s leadership has failed in all we expect them to do for us.

    IV.            YAW YAW ahead of 2015 election in Jonglei State: Jonglei state is a part of the former greater Upper Nile region. Let me take you through the political concept of keeping Yau Yau and applying the wrong measures to stop the Yau2 rebellion in Jonglei by the president. People like Riek Machar, Pagan Amum, Rebecca Nyandeng, John Luk Jok, Majak De’Agot and many more are from Greater Upper Nile Region. Kirr is now their opponent. He (Kirr) has tried to applied wrong measures to stop Yau Yau’s rebellion only to show to the world that he tried. Yau Yau will remain a threat to both national security which might in one way or the other delay election and destabilize the integrity of the people of Jonglei as a part of greater Upper Nile where these above mention people come from. Mr. President, (If he would access this article) all the families who are alive and those who have died are looking on you to try your best to stop the cycle of conflict in Jonglei State for the sake of your people, I don’t see what will be your loose in doing that. Unnumbered civilian have lost their life in the conflict in Jonglei for a simple matter which we all know, Yau Yau’s rebellion is not thread to your opponent as you see it but to the people of your Country.

      V.            SPLM convention should be done soon to avoid some potential political complications; SPLM is not a tribal association or rather a personal organization. If we are all patriots and really care for our Country, we should not uses party as a personal organization to achieve a personal benefits. We may not know the consequences and the complication of delaying that political obligation. SPLM will never split into two separate parties but, into two group base on personal interest and political aspiration. Many people including the president Gen. Salva Kirr Kuethpiny have been expecting the SPLM party to split but, I have to prove them wrong, moreover, the truth is that they will confront themselves internally and blow the fire which will in fact result into jeopardizing circumstances both to the Country as a government and the people who are the civilians and to themselves as well.



I would at last need to make it clear to most of the people touched by this article that, South Sudan is a Country and must be managed as Country ONLY by it citizen because they are the one eligible to manage it. We do not expect other war which will set us against each other now or anytime in the future. Historically Dinka and Nuer had ONLY some social relation and sharing, they have not been under one common rule or administration even during the time of Sudan only after the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) was sign. I know many people will disagree with me in that point but, few will get what I mean. It’s really a critical time for us to address all these challenges with special care especially on the future of our Country. Most of our people are already victims of war and we do not want the ones that are just born, to again be victims of war, contrarily we need them to be victims of peace if it’s possible to put it that way. I know that our government has kept turning the deaf hear and blind eye to our problems. Instead, they have been very engage a lot in taking and making our disadvantages to be their advantages. This article is going to be continued……………………..

The writer is a South Sudanese upcoming political figure, believing in social justice, democratic political transformation, rule of law and can be reached through email:




ImageSouth Sudanese are people with natural humbleness and simplicity but “bitter” once it comes to something that completely dishonor their humanity and challenge their spirit and socialization.

The current dictatorial political leadership of our country is termed by many people (South Sudanese) as a mystery. Civil societies groups, political opponents, political writers, journalist and many more are living a life of uncertainty. They lives through nightmare and continues harassment through text messages and physical harassment especially those dwelling in Juba and the other state of South Sudan.

The Country is being governed in form of old (not even the current kingdom system) kingdom ship and most civilian remains hopeless, confused, and even visionless. Why do we need people to win the 2015 election? The answer is that, we need to change our Country to Democratic Republic of South Sudan unlike now. Then, for all of us to be clear about our mission, all we needs is a change not a support to someone but a support to make change. I don’t know how easily you will understand me but I urge your intelligence to at least catch-up with my statement and get the real concept and try to think about it.

To quote my previous article that you will find here “In the political context of our Country, it’s clear that we still believe in old idea of imposing mechanical power as a mean of defeat in politics. Nevertheless, many people in the Country including the writer of this article have a hope that, things will gradually be changing month after the other, year after the other and so on.

It’s now our turn us the concern citizens of our Country to make sure that we choose the right way to achieve the long expected and awaited changes. The reason why I said we needs change and not supporting someone is a bit understandable once I put it this way; We need our government in which we (citizen) will be the once choosing our own governing system, be involved in government daily activities and decision making, leaders will consider themselves as servants which is not at all in place in the current regime, freedom of press and expression without harassment and detention.

Once the above mentioned activities are achieved, we will come to the realization of our life long struggling aim and result. The aim of our struggle to have the current independent state of South Sudan is to have “a democratic government base on the free wills of its people, ensuring justice and equality with absolute respect of human right”.

To this, even the leadership will only be an opportunity for those who will manage to be servants not masters anymore. Therefore, we must be very careful about the selection of our servant who will manage the country for four good years. He should not be a lazy and incompetent personality. Riek Machar Teny, The former VP who is also the current deputy chairman of the ruling party has repeated many times that all he was struggling for is a Democratic Independent South Sudan, which shall be ruled base on the free wills of its people, adhesive to justice and rule of law, equality and comprehensive application of human right.

Many people in the Country including myself knows it that, Riek has been saying many times that he will remain committed to his promises. Riek is in fact our best choice as of now. “We should not be supporting people for where they come from but what they fit in”. We are no longer following the old ideology of domination.

If you can recall back in the history, there was an unwanted tribal and regional division among us. The division let us to nothing other than weakness and shameful brutal killing of ourselves. In my point of view especially in the last stage of our struggle (SPLA/M), we could have not spent 21 years fighting with Khartoum. The reasons of those divisions were all about tribal influence and believe. Leaders sided with their tribesmen and oppress the others. People scheming to now; believe in tribal domination which shows an absolute backwardness manner and practices.

Therefore; I’m very thankful to the almighty God for blessing our land with visionaries’ upcoming educated youth who will change and develop this Country after it has been messed up by hopeless dumber, corrupters, trouble and rebel minded so called politician of today. We are expecting a change coming 2015. We are here to distinguish those committed to changing our Country and not those that are merely interested to be our leaders without clear vision and mission.

Summary of the challenges that the citizens are looking forward to be address:

NB: remember, what are written as challenges in this article does not comprehend all the challenges we have right away in the country but, the few intensives challenges that will lead us towards polling 2015.

The challenges hindering the development in this Country are numerous and need more effort and exact commitment to fully address them. There is a political quote that says “politicians are the same everywhere and every time, they promise to build bridges even where there is no river”.

The 2010 election propagandas are still expected by the citizen. Those who promised to build schools, hospital, roads, houses etc. must bear it in their mind that, your people are still waiting to see these cheap and easy to be done services done before you give other golden and silver ones.

I am very deeply pleased that our people (SOUTH SUDANESE) notwithstanding of their high illiteracy rate and hindrances from the government, they are however already familiars with the empty political propaganda’s of the so call nowadays politicians. Therefore, the objectives that we needs are not going to be tell by the contestant but we as citizen will speak them out. We do not want bridges to be constructed in our forest but, roads and peace among and between our communities. The following summaries below are the basic requirements from those who wish to be our servant now or any time in the future.

I.            IMPROVING THE SECURITY AND MAKING A COUNTRYWIDE STABILITY: I recall the time I was in Akobo especially in 2000 – 2004, we would never missed a single day without hearing a gunshot out of which most of them resulted into regular death and injury among the communities. I was a young boy by then and remained hopeless. I did not know that I would someday be stable.

Therefore, in whatever luxury I get into, I do not tend to forget my time back then. I know that people in the other part of the country are severely suffering from different kind of instability and insecurity. Yau Yau has already extremely terrorized the communities in Jonglei, cattle and tribal conflict has left thousands dead and others displaced in some part of the country like Jonglei, Western Upper Nile (Unity), Lake and Warrap states. The South Sudan army should be professionalizing to protect the country from all form of internal and external aggression base on the laws and their mandate. Many citizens are already victims of SPLA atrocities in different forms and in different part of the country. People are living in intolerable intensive instability mostly caused by communal fighting and rebellion.

II.            ERADICATING TRIBALISM, NEPOTISM AND CORRUPTION THROUGH INCLUSIVE GOVERNMENT STRUCTURE: Tribalism; in all part of our country, in all the social media and website, tribal confrontation and aggression is the domain of their words and comments. Nepotism is the core description of our current government. These malpractices have even extended to INGOs where South Sudanese are working.

The recent example, president has employed 3’000 South Sudanese as the country guards from his home state and his County. Corruption is the worse factor to the failure of this government because everyone has kept running to corrupt from public services and to make the matter worse; they don’t face justice once they are discover. It increase chance for corruption for those willing to extract resource through corruption as you could see a person employed for less than a year buys a car and build a house while his monthly salary might not be more than SSP2000. 2000 × 12 = 24000, can that money buy a car and build house at the same time? If you can take a look at the government structure of our Country, it’s obvious that there has been a “severe” tribal domination.

III.            PHYSICAL INFRASTRUCTURE AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT: many plans and projects have been made so far for road construction in the country yet; no single kilometer road done so far that would connect the big town/cities to the communities, the vision of SPLM to take town to the village is no longer in place, instead they have now reversed the vision by taking villages to the towns. I said this because they are keeping the rural areas developmental services in their stomachs in Juba and in fact, they have even gone beyond keeping the services in their stomach in Juba by collecting their relatives and families to abroad with our services for them to lives in luxurious over there.

What a mess, eight years couldn’t be enough for someone to achieve a planned objective? I am more than convince that our government has no clear vision toward achieving developmental objectives of our country. People of this country as I stated it earlier that, they have natural humbleness and simplicity to the life obstacles which is in their nature and we wish it should continue for many generations to come in this beloved country.

They have been silence for over 8 years in constrained and stranded developmental growth; it’s really very hard seeing someone stealing your property and says nothing. Their weakness (government leaders) is the danger to the community and again return back to them (government) as their gains and benefits; that must be a planned strategy to utilize the services of the country for their personal benefits.

IV.            ABSOLUTE JUSTICE, SOLIDARITY, FREEDOM AND EQUALITY: I’m not sure if South Sudanese ever witness something call “SOLIDARITY”. They must have learned it including myself in schools or somewhere but, never found prevailing on the ground. Because for my personal understanding of the word solidarity; it should be a feeling of togetherness, social and personal normalization. In sociology it’s defined as “the integration, and degree and type of integration, shown by a society or group with people and their neighbors”. Is that feeling exist in South Sudan? I cannot accentuate much on the justice system of this Country, because it has been crumpled by the top of the country going down badly to the grassroots. Therefore; it’s possible to say that there is no justice in the country, am sure no one will disagree with me including all the judges of the Country who have abandons their career for the sake of what we should call “wealth seeking”.

Freedoms and Equality are working together with Justice; we should pray to God for our Justices/judges to upkeep and value their career. I don’t why they like justice which is very hard for them to comprehend their mandates.


I would like to conclude this article by saying that, we need to be familiar with our mission a I jotted down in the first paragraph of this article. Once you write an article stipulating the weakness of our government, you definitely choose to be living in hiding rather than proudness and appreciations. That is what we call ignorant of core principle of human right and freedoms. There what the Nuer community says which literally be said “missing a good wife is harder than missing a residential plot”. The reason why they said is that. Once you have brought a lazy wife, there is nothing you can do to change her so that she becomes who you want her to be but, for a plot of land, you can improve it for time being. We must take the same precaution on choosing our leader comes 2015. Because there is nothing we can do to change and person who is incompetent in nature simply because he is/has becomes our president.

The writer is a South Sudanese upcoming political figure, believing in social justice, democratic political transformation, rule of law and can be reached via email